Why am I coding?

The Beginning

My name is David Litvak Bruno, from Argentina, a simple guy that found huge interest in coding at the early age of 4, when we bought our first computer with my dad, a Packard-Bell 386.

That was back in 1994, when I was telling my mom I wanted to be an "Ingeniero en puputación" ("poputer engineer" in Baby-Spanish). My interest started when watching my first lines of DOS hacking, just installing a bunch of random stuff on that computer.

Many years passed between that and my first actual line of code. It was in 2004, when I was in the second year of my Highschool education. My Technology course teacher started teaching us the basics of Visual Basic. At that time, I thought Visual Basic was THE BOMB, and everything around me could be modeled just by using a couple of If statements in Visual Basic. Oh my, those were great times, I had so much fun!

Some years later, when I entered College, I met Juan Manuel Garcia, who is now one of my best friends. He introduced me to Python.


This was what, if I already was in love with programming, definitely made me dive like a crazy man into code.

I started doing all kinds of tutorials, I was so interested in it's syntax, it's simplicity, it's everything. This got me introduced to PyAr, the Python Argentina Community, which was helding a series of talks in a venue nearby my place.

Stupid simple apps started flowing like crazy. Soon I started getting into bigger and bigger projects.

Then, in 2011, after some jobs doing C# and VB.Net, I got my first job using Python, this was an incredible journey. It got me learning a lot of libraries I'd never heard about, it got me motivated to start writing my own libraries and reaching out to more and more developers.

In 2012, I got my first opportunity to give something back to the community, I had a spot in PyDay Lujan and PyCon 2012, where I was able to show some of the stuff that was amazing me the most at that time (and still do amaze me).


Now, I'm looking forward to what's my next project. I'm working on ideas to continue giving back to the community that took me in so kindly.




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